In our experience a successful project comes from a close collaboration and good communication between you and ourselves. Any building project is an exciting but demanding experience that requires a considerable amount of input throughout the process.  Below are some answers to questions we are regularly asked, but if you would like more information about how we work and what the process is, please contact us and we can discuss any queries you may have. 

Why use an architect

Why use an architect?

Starting a building project can be a daunting prospect. There are many aspects to consider and many decisions to make.   As architects, we will help you to formalise and order your ideas and provide a structured framework to guide you through the building process.  

We will use our experience to avoid common pitfalls and act as your representative in order to assure you get the best value from the planning system and also the construction process.  We will manage the build process, be on site to make sure the construction is going to plan, and liaise with your builder if any disputes arise.

Using an architect allows you to plan the best way to utilise your budget and can save you money by maximising your investment.  Good design will not only heighten your enjoyment of your property but it will also certainly add value to it.   


What services does an architect provide

what services do you offer?

We offer two tailored options for all our clients in order for them to choose the most appropriate route for them and their project.


A full architectural service which runs from the initial concept to site completion.  This is a service we conduct for the majority of our clients as it allows a high level of design and on site contract management to ensure that the finished product is completed to the highest quality.  The service allows us to support you throughout your building project – from conception to completion.  

Even within this option, we can tailor the services to meet your needs to include additional extras such as serving party wall notices or bespoke joinery design.

Prices start from £12,000 + VAT for a full architectural service (Stages 1-6)


A limited appointment is usually reserved for very simple projects and includes design up to the scheme design stage plus the information required for a building control application.  It is a great way to reduce costs if you feel that you are confident to appoint your builder and manage the works yourself.  If you are interested in this reduced scope of works we are happy to advise you as to whether this route is appropriate for your project at your first consultation.

Prices start at £1920 + VAT for works up to a planning application (Stages 1-3) and from £1920 + VAT for a building control application.

What is the process


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has outlined the key stages of work for any construction project. We use these stages as a framework for our fees and design programme.


We prepare a brief for your project based on our first meeting at your property and advise on the best way forward with your project. The brief is important as it summarises all the aspects of the project that you would like to achieve.


We will prepare design options and ideas based on your brief. The proposals will include layout plans and precedent images to help present the design ideas, taking into account local planning legislation, relevant building control regulations and your budget.  We liaise with the authorities on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome.


After any approvals are granted the technical details of the project are worked out and required consultants, such as structural engineers, are employed.  At this stage, we can work with you to suggest products and manufacturers and collate all the products into a schedule for your builder.


We organise the tendering to several builders and help you review the costs that come back.  Once you have selected your builder we will manage the contract throughout the building process, organising payments and overseeing the programme and site works.  This involves regular site visits and dealing with the day-to-day issues that arise on site.  Following completion we will make final inspections and advise on any rectification work required.